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Posted on July 28 2017

Chic Mama


Chic Mama Rose Pendant

 Chic Mama


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Chic Mama rose pendant 4


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charm bracelet chic mama 5

Charm bracelet

Rose necklace charm bracelet chic mama

charm bracelet rose necklace chic mama

Hello and welcome to my July post.  Pleased to say – if only to myself – I’m so far keeping to my first of the month blog post schedule :).  One of my goals this year for my blog is to feature smaller boutique designers.   As much as I can I would like to support the quality over quantity ethos with my blog.   Roz Buehrlen  is a luxury jewellery designer based in the UK.   I connected with Roz over Instagram and greatly admire her work.    I have also really enjoyed learning about how Roz creates her jewellery.   Roz’s design style is based on nature but she says inspiration comes from all around.   Roz has a stack of pencils and sketchbooks with her at all times as that is where her design process starts.  Once Roz has decided on a story she starts carving her little creations to make master patterns.  Roz often carves directly into metal rather than wax which is normally used, she finds it gives a sharper detailed finish.   This technique clearly serves her well as her pieces are beautifully intricate.  Once a master pattern is complete Roz then makes a mould and centrifugally casts them in her own foundry (I would love to see this process actually happening!!).  From these pieces she makes the finished articles.  It is obvious to see that a lot of love, care and dedication goes into her work.

The pieces I’m wearing  here are the Rose Pendant and the Mariners Charm bracelet.  Both are from her Beachcomber collection.   If you follow me on Instagram you will see I am a #floweraddict so the Rose Pendant suits me well.    The  Mariners Charm Bracelet is designed with a “tattoo style” and includes  a beautiful swallow (I’m also a  #birdnerd so this piece really resonates with me),  an anchor, a skull, a rose and a clipper ship.   There is also a Lighthouse pendant and a Captains Wheel in this collection which are both really lovely too.   I’ve included some extra pictures from her collection below.   The range is extensive though  – including other collections – and also includes rings, earrings, different necklaces and bracelets which you can see on her website.  I’m also looking forward to her next collection – Petals – which I imagine will be divine.

If you are looking for beautiful, unique high end jewellery Roz’s jewellery is truly exquisite.

Until next time

xx Cassie

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