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Tilly Quentin

Posted on November 05 2019


While Roz Buehrlen has created ranges such as the swallows and the chattering skulls, there's nothing quite like a piece that has been made just for you. Roz Buehrlen offers a fully bespoke service using the latest CAD and 3D printing technology as well as handmade items. Here are a few  examples:


Spirit animals

As a surprise anniversary present, Arlette's spouse contacted Roz to create an amazing gift inspired by Philip Pullman.


He had asked their three children to each choose a spirit animal to represent themselves: a lion, an eagle and a bunny rabbit.


After a few initial designs and discussions about the children’s birthstones, they settled with a final design bringing the animals together by a single stone. You can read more about this story on Arlette Gold's website.


Spirit animals eagle lion bunny rabbit


Cool as an octopus

One client was particularly partial to octopi, and an old Greek octopus inspired the design. Knowing animal carvings are Roz's speciality, the client contacted her, and the octopus was born! Roz first hand-carved it and then did a CAD version.


Ancient Greek octopus coin

 The octopus on the Ancient Greek coin who inspired the collection!


bespoke jewellery octopus octopi octopuses


"I love him so much, Roz. I want to make him my company logo."


CAD Octopus jewellery bespoke personalised



The client asked Roz for an octopus range, so she created rough sketches in metal.



Octopus ring and bracelet 





Interesting fact:

While the symbolism of the octopus differs across cultures, they tend to represent emotions, intelligence, logic, flexibility, potential and creativity.



The leaping frog

A Canadian client had been searching on the internet for somebody to carve her a leaping frog ring made in gold for ages - until she encountered Roz. 


"Lovely client and adore the spec," Roz says.


Leaping frog jewellery ring bespoke personalised


The client wanted to use her gold, and she was ecstatic with the results:


"After decades of looking Roz, you are the first person I think can pull it off - sounds like you are the British Cellini."


Geckos! Geckos everywhere!

A couple wanted something to commemorate their wedding. They loved geckos equally and decided to have them on gold guilt shot glasses with their initials engraved. 


married couple wedding love bespoke shot glasses geckos gecko



Geckos married couple gay love bespoke jewellery


gecko shot glasses bespoke wedding personalised personal

gecko shot glasses alcohol whiskey wedding


Got an idea? Feel free to email Roz at to discuss your bespoke jewellery! 


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