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Roz Buehrlen

Posted on July 08 2017

An introduction to Cherry Mag. We have the privilege of working with some amazing magazines and people so we wanted to let you all know more about Cherry Mag which we think is the best Italian blog.

Cherry Mag is Francesca Cristini, an Italian girl who has always been fascinated by the fashion world and grew up in a family where almost everyone sewed so consequently was surrounded by magazines and fabrics. Cherry mag is our go to read, from “Seasonal Essentials” to our favourite “Cool Hunting” pages. The many looks of Francesca effortlessly captures a style and mood which is seamlessly linked in her blog. We love Francesca’s inspirational style so when designing our jewellery we absolutely have her in mind.

We are all different shapes and as Francesca says “Unfortunately staring at all those supermodels posters didn’t get me endless legs and I turned out as a 5’2” human being. When you’re a short girl people say you shouldn’t wear what you want. But I always disagreed. Short girls must have fun with fashion. Basically, this is the reason why I decided to open a blog and share with all the petite girls out there (but not only) my fashion choices. I love to mix high and low, popular and niche brands.” Francesca’s is passionate that alongside cool fashion & beauty tricks, her aim is to inspire you when you’re getting dressed every morning and share some real stuff. Francesca’s views of the brand’s she endorses are very personal as she only uses what she truly loves. Click the links to read more.  xx



Cherry Mag is definitely our go to read.




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