Jewellery Making Masterclass with Roz Buehrlen

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Posted on October 26 2018

Jewellery Making Masterclass with Roz Buehrlen

On Tuesday 24th of July, we held a very special event with jewellery designer Roz Buehrlen at our Pop up Shop in Old Street Station. Roz was so hands on with us and we really got to grips with what it takes to make the kind of super impressive, detailed and beautiful pieces that she, herself makes.


Jewellery Making Masterclass Roz Buehrlen how to make jewellery


From learning how to solder together the pieces of pewter, to the backstory to some of her designs, as well as generally just having a really good time and a really good chat! 


How to make jewellery jewellery making masterclass


I've been a big fan of Roz's jewellery for a while now, and am a proud owner of a few pieces myself, so having the ability to spend some time with her, and work on my own piece, was really exciting!


First up a lovely girl, Camille, came to make her own swallow ring, and she had so many questions for Roz. It was really exciting to be around and to see it all happening. 


how to make jewellery masterclass


Then, it was my turn! I found a little pewter key in amongst all the little trinkets Roz brought along, and I just knew I needed to something with that. At first, it was to be a necklace, then a singular ring, but finally I settled on a knuckle duster! And I was blown away by the result! 


how to make jewellery making masterclass Roz Buehrlen


Jewellery making, even on this scale, is no easy task. its methodical, precise, and tricky to get right. Hold down the solder iron too long and you've melted away half of the key! Luckily, Roz was at hand to fix and rebuild my mistake for me!


how to make jewellery making masterclass


I genuinely had such a fun time, and now I'm looking forward to getting the knuckleduster in the rumbler and plated in gold, a statement piece I can show off for years!

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