Spotlight On: Our Favourite Swallow Jewellery Designs

Roz Buehrlen

Posted on September 03 2018

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Spotlight On: Our Favourite Swallow Jewellery Designs



Swallows are a motif that frequently recurs in fashion and popular culture. Traditionally we’ve become used to seeing swallows adorn people’s bodies in the form of tattoos. This is thought to come from sailors who fondly remember seeing swallows flying in the sky when they were near to the shore. As well as being very beautiful, swallows are one of the few birds that mate for life, making them an enduring symbol of love and devotion.



Statement Swallow Ring



swallow ring gold art



Do you love a little drama? So do we, especially when it comes to jewellery. Our statement swallow ring is adorned with cabochon stones, which only add to its uniqueness, as seen in Stella Telegraph via Arlette Gold. Coated in 18ct gold, this ring will turn heads for all the right reasons.



Swallow and Key Earrings


These hand carved earrings combine the swallow motif with delicate crafting techniques. Swallows are quick as lightning and extremely agile, and the floating keys on this design create an extremely romantic image. The swallow jewellery range is delicate and hand carved yet striking to wear.




Gold Collar Studs

Collar studs can instantly inject glamour into a formal outfit. We love how the gold swallow shaped studs can add a splash of femininity to an androgynous look and help you to create a splash at an event.




Swallow Torc Necklace



As far as swallow jewellery goes, you don’t get much more statement than this Torc Necklace. Steeped in romance and vintage glamour, this piece would be more at home on a red carpet than anywhere else.  The shape of the necklace creates the image of birds flying through the sky, leaving a silvery trail in their path.




Gold Swallow and Flower Earring


As one of our most decadent designs, these gold swallow and flower earrings can be worn either as an agate drop on their own or for a more sophisticated look with a tiny hand carved swallow. We love the dramatic contrast created by the deep black stone alongside the shiny 18ct gold.


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