The 6 best vintage clothes shops in London

Roz Buehrlen

Posted on July 23 2017


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The 6 best vintage clothes shops in London


Fashion is mostly about looking to forward, yet sometimes the best looks come from past trends that can be recreated with vintage garms. We love finding inspiration in vintage designs for our jewellery, so perusing the rails of London’s vintage shops is one of our favourite pastimes. Whether it’s second hand coats, shoes or handbags, there’s an entire world of options that can be discovered while vintage shopping. In London, where fashion history has been created on every corner, vintage shops are everywhere. If you’re looking for the best places to up your vintage fashion game, look no further—we’ve rounded up six of the best vintage shops in the capital.



Rokit London


  1. Rokit


Rokit is one of London’s most iconic fashion institutions. Beginning in the mid-1980s as a market stall, the brand has since turned itself into a mega vintage retailer. Nowadays they operate out of stores located across London, where you can unearth dreamy vintage garms at such low prices it’s practically theft. The stores and website are trend-led, meaning they aim to interpret current trends through pre-owned clothing. 




  1. Blitz


Having opened doors in 2011, Blitz is the newbie on the vintage block. Set against the backdrop of a glorious old furniture factory, the store instantly put many of the other vintage shops in the capital to shame. The floors of the store are clearly merchandised with a furniture selection from Broadway Market’s The Dog & Wardrobe. The clothes are perfectly steamed and presented, a far cry from the stuffy image of second hand shops that many may have. Buyers Jan Skinners and John Howlin are constantly inspired by East London, selecting immaculate vintage finds for their fashion-focused clientele.


Alfies Antique Market


  1. Alfie’s Antique Market


Alfie’s Antique Market is an indoor marketplace where more than 75 sellers come to share their finds. In addition to second hand clothing and accessories, there’s an incredible selection of furniture on display. For lovers of classic vintage, the market is known to house treasures such as rare flapper dresses and art-deco brooches alongside pieces from Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen.



William Vintage


  1. William Vintage


A favourite of the London fashion elite, William Banks-Blaney's boutique is the go-to vintage destination for the likes of Lana Del Rey and the editors from Vogue. This Marylebone gem is appointment only, and houses only the most exclusive high-end designer garments. In this store you’ll find anything from £300 swimsuits to vintage Chanel jackets. To keep things interesting, the store works with “guest curators” from the industry.


Beyond Retro


  1. Beyond Retro


As London’s best ‘all rounder’, Beyond Retro has something for everyone. Just like Rokit, the brand follow current fashion trends using vintage products. They have several locations across London, from Brick Lane and Dalston to Soho, giving you the perfect chance to find your next favourite outfit. The brand also make and design their own ‘Label’ range made entirely from re-loved clothing and fabric. Before you know it, Beyond Retro will be your new go-to vintage spot.




  1. East End Thrift Store


The East End Thrift store was founded with the aim of providing value – something that is in short supply in London. You’ll find lots of vintage denim shirts for £15 and jackets for £25, as well as dresses for £15. All this comes at a price as the setting isn’t exactly pretty, but it is certainly functional. The first floor now sells a more premium selection where, if you’re lucky, you might snag a designer find.


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