The Best DMs for Partying

Tilly Quentin

Posted on March 18 2019

The best Dr Martens London party clubbing    

It's difficult to find anyone who doesn't love DMs. I'm not sure that such a rare species of consumer even exists! Dr Martens shoes are timeless and well-known for their quality and durability. As someone whose fashion revolves around comfort, practicality and personality, DMs are incredibly appealing. One's choice of DMs is usually quite personal and is a form of self-expression, which is why it's important to get it right when you're getting them as a gift for someone.

I got a new pair of DMs for Christmas 2018. The sentiment was lovely, but unfortunately, the floral pattern wasn’t my style, so I went to the nearest DM store to exchange them a week or two after receiving the shoes. As there aren’t any Dr Martens stores in Kent I had to go to London. I wanted something cool, something rock ‘n’ roll; something practical - perfect for partying!



best dms london clubs clubbing party partying



chattering skulls ring dms dr martens best shoesI dressed casually for cold weather: my favourite Levi’s high-rise jeans (shout out to all my curvy people!), my cherished Superdry burgundy, cable knitted jumper over 3 other layers, trainers, my staple Sekonda Classique watch, a chattering skull ring on my little finger, a khaki so-called ‘man-bag’ (because screw society’s notions of gender and it’s a nice, practical satchel), the anchor friendship bracelet and an elephant ring. A long chunky anchor necklace would’ve looked great over my jumper but I didn’t have one to hand.








gold anchor necklace best dms


best dms gold anchor friendship bracelet

Travelling from the quiet Kentish countryside to bustling London can be a bit like going through the wardrobe in the C.S Lewis classic. It’s another world. People were everywhere, fast walkers were silently seething with pavement rage whenever they got stuck behind slow walkers, the smell of pollution; people chancing a dash to the other side when the red person was showing, keen to get on with their lives. Passing Buckingham Palace and weaving through the enormous crowds gathered there was a totally different, distant world. 


london shoes dms best dr martens


london best dms dr martens shop shoes

Finally, after a half an hour of walking, I’d found the Dr Martens store on Carnaby street - a welcome sight indeed! A staff member stood by the door. I was initially confused by the person’s gestures, but I realised that I had to queue to enter. No wonder! I’ve never seen a shop look so busy! I can’t imagine how the DMs staff handle it. They were very helpful and friendly. The Dr Martens staff did a good job of looking after the customers.


Time to slide into the DMs

rock and roll dr martens best shoes londonI had a good old browse and a few caught my eye. It was unfortunate to discover that the only rock ‘n’ roll DMs left in all of the surrounding stores was in a size too small. I don’t know whether Dr Martens will restock them because they are really cool. Eventually, it was between a sparkly pair of black Jadens and the vegan, cherry red, 10-eye DMs. It was so hard to choose because I wanted both, but I could only have one! I was due to go clubbing during the first week of January 2019. I ultimately chose the glittery black Jadens. I can have the other ones at a later date. I was buzzing with excitement! Absolutely ecstatic! The photos don't do them justice! They're much sparklier in person! Remarkably, so far none of the glitter has fallen off and I have been sure to spray them with hairspray every time I wear them as advised by staff to retain the sparkliness. However, I did have to pay £49 pounds because the sparkly Jadens were more expensive than the ones I was exchanging them for, but it was totally worth it. I reckon that I could create an everyday glam look with them, which isn’t something I normally do because of the practicalities and/or laziness. But here’s to new things!













sparkly glitter glittery best dms dr martens london shoes


Since I have warm, olive-toned skin, I would pair the glittery black Jadens with a fitting, emerald/olive green top, my 2014 Karen Millen black leather jacket, black, leather, fingerless biker gloves and my favourite blue, high-rise denim jeans - cuffed in style! I would complete the look with the Chattering Skulls ring and bracelet, the anchor ring and perhaps a skull necklace - a rebellious, youthful, rock ‘n’ roll party. Otherwise, I would pair my new sparkly DMs with something burgundy or khaki army shorts and black tights, though plum purple would also go nicely!



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